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On This Page You Can Find Various Packet Radio Software
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Active Search Results
Active Search Results

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    • 117NOTES.ZIP
      Changes in TAPR TNC-2 EPROM v1.1.7
      File Size: 12496 Bytes

    • 140XPCOM.ZIP
      XPCOM v1.40 Packet Term Program - By KF7XP
      File Size: 623973 Bytes

      Yapp Protocol For The Amiga Baycom - By OH1KH
      File Size: 24773 Bytes

      Use Unproto Message Lists Like TPK v2.6
      File Size: 24595 Bytes

    • 7PV203UPP.ZIP
      Update To 7plus v2.00 Only Changed Files
      File Size: 78564 Bytes

    • 7PVl215EI.ZIP
      7Plus v2.15 For PC Binary Only
      File Size: 32031 Bytes

    • 7PLUSV200.ZIP
      7Plus v2.00 WSRC For Binary Transfers
      File Size: 163712 Bytes

    • 7PLUSV210.ZIP
      7Plus v2.10 Update
      File Size: 63868 Bytes

    • 96MAN.ZIP
      Hints For Using 9600 BPS Modems in Packet
      File Size: 30114 Bytes

    • AD16DIS.ZIP
      Ares Data Database Term
      File Size: 168537 Bytes

    • AIZ451.ZIP
      Packet Radio BBS Made By SV7AIZ v4.51
      File Size: 318564 Bytes

      Table Of Official Prefixes in German
      File Size: 3873 Bytes

    • APVl701.ZIP
      Aplink Packet Radio BBS And Amtor Gateway
      File Size: 415019 Bytes

    • APRSV790.ZIP
      Automatic Position Reporting System v7.90
      File Size: 1042542 Bytes

    • APRSV793.ZIP
      Automatic Position Reporting System v7.93
      File Size: 1006477 Bytes

      Basic Instructions On Setting Up APRS Packet Radio Software
      File Size: 3136 Bytes

      Using And Making APRS To Work For You
      File Size: 3605 Bytes

      Win APRS Documentation
      File Size: 691355 Bytes

      Introduction To APRS, What It is, What It Does
      File Size: 3393 Bytes

    • ARESPK30.ZIP
      Multi Windows Packet Term For Emerg Comm
      File Size: 142823 Bytes

    • ARPD.ZIP
      Amateur Radio Packet Door V1.10 for RA/MFJ
      File Size: 42117 Bytes

    • ARPD131.ZIP
      Packet Radio Door v1.31 BBS to PACKET
      File Size: 52346 Bytes

    • AX25.ZIP
      AX25 Protocol Specification in ASCII Format
      File Size: 66264 Bytes

    • AX25_1_2.ZIP
      AX25 For SunOS tar.gz
      File Size: 13439 Bytes

    • AX25IP.ZIP
      AX25 For SunOS .shar File
      File Size: 46114 Bytes

      Configurations And Drivers For Baycom And TPK
      File Size: 78478 Bytes

      Test BayCom Modem Frequencies Door 9H5BM
      File Size: 15408 Bytes

      BBafed, Auto Edit Of Formatted Files
      File Size: 40662 Bytes

      BBbrrg, Bearing, Range And Grid in Real Time
      File Size: 52383 Bytes

      BBcal, Real-Time Calender For Any Month Or Year
      File Size: 26406 Bytes

      BBcopy, Redistribute Messages Remotely
      File Size: 57609 Bytes

      BBdupe, You May Specify Messages Types
      File Size: 43006 Bytes

      BB Echo, Returns Path Like Ping
      File Size: 46676 Bytes

      BBfile, Find File Messages into The Database
      File Size: 46389 Bytes

      BB Hlfind, Utility For Data
      File Size: 147255 Bytes

      BB Hold, RDS And Holds Messages by Text And Subjects
      File Size: 41902 Bytes

      BB Index, Update For DOS v6.2 & Previous
      File Size: 61603 Bytes

      BB List, Creates LTO CMD, Real-Time
      File Size: 49729 Bytes

      BB Look, Update Maintain file
      File Size: 94391 Bytes

      BB Messages Database, Makes BB Door Data Bases, Update
      File Size: 41517 Bytes

      BB Rtqcd/BBreqqcd files, SAM CD-ROM
      File Size: 124742 Bytes

      BB Req Dir, Generic REQDIR Server
      File Size: 55564 Bytes

      BB Reqfil, Remote REQFIL Server Update
      File Size: 70361 Bytes

      BB Req Mod, Dedicated Mods Remote Server
      File Size: 61524 Bytes

      BB Reqqth, SAM Database Server
      File Size: 87824 Bytes

      BB Reqset, Req Dir Setup Program
      File Size: 59875 Bytes

      BB Reqdat, Universal Text And Tip Server
      File Size: 77757 Bytes

      BB Reqwp, Remote Wpage Server Updated
      File Size: 68194 Bytes

      BB Reqyp, Remote Yellow Page Server
      File Size: 104743 Bytes

      BB Reply, Universal Reply Server
      File Size: 43165 Bytes

      BB Rtqth, Real Time SAM Database Server
      File Size: 64898 Bytes

      BB Rt97, Real Time FCC Part 97 Server
      File Size: 80557 Bytes

      BB Rtmod, Real-Time Mods Data Server
      File Size: 55620 Bytes

      BB Rtmsg, BB Door Server Program Updated
      File Size: 98982 Bytes

      BB Rtsay, Novelty Server, CMD Line
      File Size: 40853 Bytes

      BB Rtwp, Real-Time Wpage Server Updated
      File Size: 60276 Bytes

      BB Rtyp, Real-Time Yellow Page Server
      File Size: 92128 Bytes

      PCB Caller Statistics
      File Size: 15507 Bytes

      How To Upload Mail And Tips
      File Size: 2518 Bytes

      BB Send, Beta This Version Works in DV As Well
      File Size: 49235 Bytes

      BB Serv, New Version, With Many Changes
      File Size: 116242 Bytes

      BB Stop, Updated To Work With BB Dupe
      File Size: 43107 Bytes

      BB Strp, Updated Header Stripper
      File Size: 41307 Bytes

      BB Tag, Adds Tagline To Messages
      File Size: 37974 Bytes

      BB Trail, Sign-Off Message For Users
      File Size: 45689 Bytes

      BB Spiucv, Make BPQSPI.USR From
      File Size: 32726 Bytes

      BB User, Search, User & Hlookup
      File Size: 57300 Bytes

      BB Misc Utilities v1.2
      File Size: 74112 Bytes

      Message Verification Utility
      File Size: 44990 Bytes

      Editor Maintainence Program
      File Size: 99173 Bytes

      Create, Service wpage Data Base
      File Size: 62047 Bytes

      Standalone wpage Server
      File Size: 50679 Bytes

      Update Programs BB wpum And BB wpuh
      File Size: 104128 Bytes

      Windows APRS v2.0.7 Beta
      File Size: 276950 Bytes

      a binary file editor
      File Size: 19920 Bytes

      TAPR annual meeting 1991 report
      File Size: 66791 Bytes

      G8BPQ NetRom thenet compatible pc node v4.06k
      File Size: 198864 Bytes

      G8BPQ NetRom thenet compatible pc node v4.07a
      File Size: 195484 Bytes

      G8BPQ packet switch with OS/2 beta included
      File Size: 249832 Bytes

      Collection of utilities for the BPQ node
      File Size: 281990 Bytes

      AX25 packet driver for baycom and bpq node
      File Size: 15897 Bytes

      BPQ node compression utility by N1HAB
      File Size: 11716 Bytes

      Establishing a packet cluster node with G8BPQ
      File Size: 81662 Bytes

      BPQ node switch serial port interface by AA1FS
      File Size: 38423 Bytes

      Serial port interface for G8BPQ by AA1FS
      File Size: 43225 Bytes

      Binary to basic file encoder for packet
      File Size: 43940 Bytes

      DX bbs bulletins
      File Size: 17209 Bytes

      pbt data bases info
      File Size: 27120 Bytes

      Simple packet terminal v3.0 by KE6CBL
      File Size: 31545 Bytes

      Simple tnc packet terminal v7.0
      File Size: by KE6CBL - 58267 Bytes

      Checks for a correct usercmd file
      File Size: 9556 Bytes

      Checks for a crash
      File Size: 2415 Bytes

      Checks homenode.lst file
      File Size: 11032 Bytes

      Checks *.lst files
      File Size: 9410 Bytes

      Clusse v0.31 DX Cluster Node
      File Size: 447636 Bytes

      Contest calendar for pbt
      File Size: 21909 Bytes

      EPROM program files
      File Size: 32768 Bytes

      Country database for pbt
      File Size: 21636 Bytes

      Split and join files
      File Size: 8565 Bytes

      Execute a program every day, hour, week, year
      File Size: 10207 Bytes

      Contest database for pbt
      File Size: 27503 Bytes

      DBF to cluster file conversion
      File Size: 121950 Bytes

      Deletes records in dx, wwv, announce or wx
      File Size: 7121 Bytes

      DB0SDX database files
      File Size: 68347 Bytes

      Edits opernam.dat, dx.dat abd wwv.dat files
      File Size: 31653 Bytes

      G8BPQ node v4.07a for the kantronics engine
      File Size: 49676 Bytes

      PBT support for radio dealers data base
      File Size: 34283 Bytes

      PBT Support for radio dealers database
      File Size: 140098 Bytes

      File Size: 442780 Bytes

      Database of european interlinks and nodes
      File Size: 138315 Bytes

      DB0SDX database Files
      File Size: 33259 Bytes

      EPROM program files
      File Size: 171551 Bytes

      Look for dups on a database file
      File Size: 3882 Bytes

      Extracts qsl info from DX spots
      File Size: 3882 Bytes

      DX Hunter v5.2 DX alert clusters - by IK4VYX
      File Size: 1093230 Bytes

      DX node data base by state
      File Size: 12128 Bytes

      Checks and corrects dx.dat with stats
      File Size: by DJ6RX - 38984 Bytes

      DX telnet Use DX Hunter v5.2 - IK4VYX
      File Size: 656040 Bytes

      EPROM Program Files
      16384 Bytes

      Makes statistics dealing with DX.DAT.
      File Size: 30931 Bytes

      Radio channel thruput estimation
      File Size: 18924 Bytes

      Easy Packet Radio prog for TAPR-style TNCs
      File Size: 40858 Bytes

      Packet Term for PTM modems v1.6 By N9MXI
      File Size: 64852 Bytes

      Removes the R rows from messages received
      File Size: 6784 Bytes

      EPROM Program Files
      File Size: 32768 Bytes

      Fix APRS v6.0 With Proper Directory Structure
      File Size: 1787 Bytes

      Checks and repairs PC.LOG By DJ6RX
      File Size: 11696 Bytes

      Checks PC.LOG
      File Size: 7300 Bytes

      Packet Cluster Term Headings
      File Size: 117241 Bytes

      Solar Flux And Sunspot via PBT
      File Size: 26857 Bytes

      Uses a database file...
      File Size: 7592 Bytes

      Utility To Handle FORWARD.DAT Made By DL1SBR
      File Size: 9997 Bytes

      Flex Packet 2 Term for OS/2 German Made By DB5SH
      File Size: 199980 Bytes

      Flex Packet 2 Terminal For OS/2 German
      File Size: 199980 Bytes

      Grapic Packet Documents in French
      File Size: 267792 Bytes

      Display Prop For A CQ Zone Needs WWV.DAT
      File Size: 25787 Bytes

      EPROM Program Files
      File Size: 8192 Bytes

      EPROM Program Files
      File Size: 16384 Bytes

      Local Help file Made By W6GO
      File Size: 11431 Bytes

      Sample GO DISK Upload Session
      File Size: 5135 Bytes

      Graphic Packet Term For Firmware Made By DH1DAE
      File Size: 727368 Bytes

      Graphic Packet for OS/2 v1.01 Made By DH1DAE
      File Size: 155253 Bytes

      Linux Drivers Documents
      File Size: 1678 Bytes

      Term Program For PK232 Speech Interface
      File Size: 99467 Bytes

      Ham Radio Termnal Program Made By KE6ET
      File Size: 31876 Bytes

      Equip Options Medium To High Speed Packet
      File Size: 20813 Bytes

      Ham Map v5.0 Data Update 09
      File Size: 185649 Bytes

      Ham Map v5.0 Data Update 10
      File Size: 23999 Bytes

      Ham Map v5.0b For Windows
      File Size: 1287459 Bytes

      Info Library For PBT
      File Size: 234116 Bytes

      Info Library Data Files
      File Size: 154831 Bytes

      COM Port Drivers For CBBS
      File Size: 15218 Bytes

      Com Port Drivers For CBBS, Sources
      File Size: 52025 Bytes

      Islands on the Air database
      File Size: 42914 Bytes

      Iota Data 303
      File Size: 61510 Bytes

      IRC Database For Various Destinations
      File Size: 13383 Bytes

      Departments in Japan in german And spanish
      File Size: 5685 Bytes

      K9NG Info ...
      File Size: 1662 Bytes

      K9NG Code ...
      File Size: 2176 Bytes

      Term Software For The Kantronics
      File Size: 143509 Bytes

      Searches A Data Base For Keys, And Sorts Them
      File Size: 10733 Bytes

      KISS For TNC-2 Made By K3MC, DL5UE And JN1JDZ
      File Size: 16214 Bytes

      KAMTerm Software For Kantronics Controllers
      File Size: 203140 Bytes

      KamTerm v1.30 w/g-tor, Made By N5IAL
      File Size: 192494 Bytes

      Packet Cluster Ladder DXCC Status
      File Size: 11969 Bytes

      Packet For Windows, Beta Release 2, Made By G7LIU
      File Size: 824916 Bytes

      Lan Link Term v2.32 Made By G3ZCZ
      File Size: 434228 Bytes

      Lan-Link v2.34 Exclnt MS-DOS Pkt W3/G3ZCZ
      File Size: 416997 Bytes

      Converts PC.LOG To A Readable Form
      File Size: 9889 Bytes

      G1NNA PBBS Log File Analyzer Made By G8EIA
      File Size: 31844 Bytes

      Create User Statistics From PC.LOG Made By DJ6RX
      File Size: 45911 Bytes

      Conference Archives From DX BBS Part 154
      File Size: 29915 Bytes

      Conference Archives From DX BBS Part 155
      File Size: 24684 Bytes

      Conference Archives From DX BBS Part 156
      File Size: 21892 Bytes

      Worli Packet Radio BBS v18.11
      File Size: 617105 Bytes

      MBBIOS v3.5 Sources
      File Size: 72475 Bytes

      MBBIOS v3.8 Binaries
      File Size: 39704 Bytes

      Changes in HRLNOS And MINIHRL Comp To NOS By PA0GRI
      File Size: 25436 Bytes

      File Size: 184956 Bytes

      AX.25 Stats Collection Program Made By WB6YMH And NK6K
      File Size: 123538 Bytes

      MSYS Version 1.16 December, 1993
      File Size: 284672 Bytes

      Move files from one directory to another
      File Size: 11768 Bytes

      MSYS Version 1.16
      File Size: 339456 Bytes

      MSYS Version 1.16
      File Size: 512 Bytes

      MSYS Version 1.17
      File Size: 350061 Bytes

      MSYS Beta Version 1.16
      File Size: 358531 Bytes

      MSYS Beta Version 1.17
      File Size: 318261 Bytes

      MSYS Version 1.17 User
      File Size: 17011 Bytes

      Multi User Baycom PKT Term Driver Program Made By G7JFF
      File Size: 233379 Bytes

      NB9C Node BPQ Configuration
      File Size: 26756 Bytes

      ARRL Networking Conference Papers From 1988
      File Size: 227157 Bytes

      Packet Radio Network Design Hints And Rules
      File Size: 97520 Bytes

      Packet BBS v2.01 (AT version) G1NNA
      File Size: 296574 Bytes

      Packet BBS v2.01 (XT version) G1NNA
      File Size: 297941 Bytes

      Packet BBS v1.12 to v2.01 Update
      File Size: 342784 Bytes

      Packet BBS v2.02 (AT version) G1NNA
      File Size: 416640 Bytes

      G8NPF message system v2.20a, reqs BPQ405
      File Size: 329779 Bytes

      G8NPF message system v2.21e, reqs BPQ405
      File Size: 368932 Bytes

      Multi User PMS v2.31b, short description
      File Size: 2951 Bytes

      Multi User PMS v2.31b G8NPF
      File Size: 366291 Bytes

      Datagram Editor for NTS
      File Size: 133201 Bytes

      AA2QX NTS v1.0 formatter for bpq switch
      File Size: 19564 Bytes

      NWQTerm/DXLUST with SoundBlaster for BPQ
      File Size: 270200 Bytes

      OPDX Bulletins for PBT
      File Size: 122891 Bytes

      Program to deal with the OPERNAM.DAT file
      File Size: 90370 Bytes

      Unloads OPERNAM.DAT into an ASCII file
      File Size: 6697 Bytes

      Kills from OPERNAM.DAT inactive users
      File Size: 16594 Bytes

      Fast Packet Term Program v1.1 N5ARU
      File Size: 22768 Bytes

      Windows term prog for PK-232 and PK-88
      File Size: 165919 Bytes

      Play Chess over Packet Radio
      File Size: 36850 Bytes

      Packet Radio Term VK2DHU
      File Size: 902155 Bytes

      TSR Term Program VU2ZAP
      File Size: 15843 Bytes

      Packet Cluster Hints and Kinks
      File Size: 18606 Bytes

      ELM for the PC
      File Size: 67553 Bytes

      Packet Term with Personal Mailbox v5.48
      File Size: 186745 Bytes

      Packet Cluster Maps
      File Size: 14455 Bytes

      GODISK PDQ Files
      File Size: 10443 Bytes

      PacketPet Lite 2.02a treminal for Windows
      File Size: 336729 Bytes

      Packet radio channel trafic analyzer v7
      File Size: 11136 Bytes

      PK-232 comman list
      File Size: 100492 Bytes

      EPROM Program Files
      File Size: 32768 Bytes

      EPROM Program Files
      File Size: 16384 Bytes

      PK-232/PK-88 Control for OS/2 2.x PE1NNH
      File Size: 25699 Bytes

      PK Gold Test Drive v6.24, TNC Packet Program
      File Size: 323067 Bytes

      Send initialization file to TNC
      File Size: 35568 Bytes

      Receive packets with a simple HAMCOM
      File Size: 21777 Bytes

      Packet Term for MS Windows v2.1 Made By G4YFE
      File Size: 390081 Bytes

      Turbo Packet Radio v3.03 Made By DL1BHO
      File Size: 130664 Bytes

      Packet Term With PBBS v5.42 Made By OZ4ZK
      File Size: 776234 Bytes

      Ham Radio Packet Term Program v3.0
      File Size: 89584 Bytes

      Packet Radio For Windows v2.01 Win3x And Win95
      File Size: 2487755 Bytes

      Packet Radio For Windows v2.10 Win3x And Win95
      File Size: 2494039 Bytes

      Packet Radio For Windows v2.01 Win3x And Win95
      File Size: 2494039 Bytes

      BB Satellite Tracking Utility Made By N4HY
      File Size: 43776 Bytes

      QSL Database Of DB0XDX-15
      File Size: 6655 Bytes

      W6GO Bulletins 155
      File Size: 22930 Bytes

      W6GO Bulletins 156
      File Size: 23513 Bytes

      Documentation File For The Above Program
      File Size: 9728 Bytes

      GOQSL Instructions
      File Size: 4348 Bytes

      Clean Deleted Records From A Database File
      File Size: 14313 Bytes

      Renumbers TPK Message Base
      File Size: 15665 Bytes

      Remote Reset For Packet Cluster
      File Size: 1372 Bytes

      Local Club Roster Support
      File Size: 2651 Bytes

      Documentation For ROSE Switch 3.1 And Up
      File Size: 62303 Bytes

      Program by HB9BZA to monitor (v6.6a) Packet Cluster
      File Size: 185772 Bytes

      ROSE X.25 Network software (15 Sep 93)
      File Size: 116050 Bytes

      Interface for BPQ node and SAMS database
      File Size: 18297 Bytes

      Patch fbb Version 5.15c Made By I5SGG
      File Size: 2205 Bytes

      Console Logging Files
      File Size: 33922 Bytes

      Console Logging files
      File Size: 16955 Bytes

      Packet DX Spotting Network
      File Size: 71274 Bytes

      Simp Term, TNC independent terminal prog
      File Size: 203906 Bytes

      Super Packet Eskay Packet v6.20
      File Size: 250801 Bytes

      Super Packet Eskay Packet Demo Version v9.01
      File Size: 479772 Bytes

      CBBS Packet Radio BBS v6.0 sources
      File Size: 108683 Bytes

      List of major Planetariums in US
      File Size: 16345 Bytes

    • STATE200.ZIP
      New Version Of TNC2 State Machine EPROM
      File Size: 896 Bytes

      DCD Improvement in Single Chip Modem TNCs
      File Size: 29983 Bytes

      Collect And Analyze Packet Radio Trafic
      File Size: 103333 Bytes

    • TAPR117B.ZIP
      TNC-2 EPROM v1.1.7b DCD Works in KISS Mode
      File Size: 26814 Bytes

    • TAPR89.ZIP
      TAPR Annual Meeting Raport From 1989
      File Size: 39597 Bytes

    • TAPR92.ZIP
      TAPR Annual Meeting Report From 1992
      File Size: 72446 Bytes

    • TAR.ZIP
      Unix Tar For The PC
      File Size: 20352 Bytes

    • TCM3105.ZIP
      Schematic For A Modem To Be Used With Baycom
      File Size: 6796 Bytes

    • TF18.ZIP
      EPROM Program Files
      File Size: 32768 Bytes

    • TF23.ZIP
      The Firmware version 2.3 with DAMA
      File Size: 20874 Bytes

    • TF23SRC.ZIP
      The Firmware v2.3 Sources
      File Size: 128680 Bytes

    • TF24A.ZIP
      The Firmware v2.4 - 10 Channels For Users
      File Size: 30998 Bytes

    • TF24C27.ZIP
      The Firmware v2.4 - 27 Channels For BBS's
      File Size: 30956 Bytes

    • TF26_10.ZIP
      The Firmware v2.6 10 Channels For Users
      File Size: 16256 Bytes

    • TFHPN101.ZIP
      The Firmware For HAPN Board And PC Made By HA5DI
      File Size: 52088 Bytes

    • TFPCR330.ZIP
      The Firmware PC Resident For KISS TNCs
      File Size: 63370 Bytes

    • TFPCX210.ZIP
      The Firmware For v2.10 For PC Baycom etc
      File Size: 151146 Bytes

    • THNET122.ZIP
      The Net Software v1.22 From NORDLINK
      File Size: 150600 Bytes

    • THNET210.ZIP
      The Net Software Plus v2.10
      File Size: 53836 Bytes

    • THS403.ZIP
      Packet Radio Terminal Program TNC Host Mode Server
      File Size: 121094 Bytes

      Packet Term Program Made By LU4AEY
      File Size: 134125 Bytes

    • TN11_E.ZIP
      EPROM Program Files E
      File Size: 32768 Bytes

    • TN11_I.ZIP
      EPROM Program Files I
      File Size: 32768 Bytes

    • TN210DOC.ZIP
      TheNet Plus v2.10 Documentation
      File Size: 58700 Bytes

    • TN212.ZIP
      TheNet Plus v2.12
      File Size: 138502 Bytes

    • TN_X1JR2.ZIP
      TheNet X1j Release 2
      File Size: 397216 Bytes

    • TNC118.ZIP
      TAPR TNC-2 EPROM v1.1.8
      File Size: 36645 Bytes

    • TNC118A.ZIP
      TNC-2 EPROM v1.1.8a KISS and Satellites
      File Size: 29889 Bytes

    • TNC14.ZIP
      Packet Radio TNC Term Program
      File Size: 26692 Bytes

      Instructions For DCD Improvement in TNC-1
      File Size: 3352 Bytes

      TAPR TNC-2 v1.1.8a Firmware User Document
      File Size: 133161 Bytes

      Instructions For DCD Improvement in TNC-2
      File Size: 29678 Bytes

    • TNC2V10.ZIP
      EPROM Program Files
      File Size: 32768 Bytes

    • TNC2V113.ZIP
      EPROM Program Files
      File Size: 32768 Bytes

    • TNC2V115.ZIP
      EPROM Program Files
      File Size: 32768 Bytes

    • TNC2V116.ZIP
      EPROM Program Files
      File Size: 32768 Bytes

      Show DX Spots User SM0FLY
      File Size: 15297 Bytes

    • ZONE.ZIP
      Show Zones Made By Prefix
      File Size: 10836 Bytes - Web Reputation

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